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Perioada de înscriere la licență PENTRU SESIUNEA SEPTEMBRIE 2020 S-A ÎNCHEIAT!
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(Facultatea de Arhitectură și Urbanism NU organizează admitere în sesiunea septembrie 2020!)

Mai digital. Mai rapid.

Who we are...

The Technical University of Cluj-Napoca (TUCN) is one of the prestigious higher education institutions in Romania. It has tradition and complexity, a well defined diverse identity, it is well known nationally and abroad and it is anchored and involved in the technology transfer and the national and regional socio-economic environment.


  • TUCN was designated with a High Degree of Trust, university by the Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education, for the period 2018-2023.
  • The University is present in the most prestigious world university rankings: The Times Higher Education Universities Ranking, QS Stars Rating System, QS University Ranking, Scimago World University Ranking
  • Member of the Alliance of Technical Universities(ARUT), which includes the most important technical state universities from Romania
  • Francophone university, member of AUF (Francophone University Association);
  • Promoter of the European EUT+ initiative, EUt+ European University of Technology, together with the Technical University in Sofia (Bulgaria), the Technical University in Cyprus (Cyprus), the University in Darmstadt, the University of Applied Sciences (Germany), The Technology University (Ireland), the Technical University in Riga (Latvia), The Polytechnic University in Cartagena (Spain) and the Technology University in Troyes (France).

What we are offering...


Three modern campuses, two in
Cluj-Napoca and one in the North University Centre of Baia Mare.

Olympic-size pool with outside and inside pools. Basketball and handball courts, fitness rooms, synthetic football fields with night lighting.

Library, bookstore, lecture halls with speciality materials.

Research laboratories and centres equipped with modern technologies and equipment

Publishing House and Typography


Creative, dynamic and stimulating environment for the professional and personal development of students with over 80 accredited research structures

2nd place nationally in attracting European research projects H2020

Pole of excellence in the local, national and international community in multiple fields of research: information and communication technology, intelligence artificial intelligence, robotics, nanomaterials and intelligent materials, processes and products innovative, energy efficient, autonomous and non-polluting transport


Students receive free academic software licenses for programming, design, modeling, simulation, virtual reality, cloud computing, artificial intelligence applications and more.

High-speed internet and Wi-Fi connection with increased coverage using one account

The Technical University of Cluj-Napoca has an electronic registered office, which streamlines the flux of documents and the resolution time


The University has international academic and research cooperative relations with 400 partner universities, governmental and non-governmental organisations, research centres, international companies and foundations

We implement and coordinate programs financed by the European Commission in the field of education and professional training, like ERASMUS+

We facilitate the access to international scholarships, exchanges, mobilities and internships offered by the socio-economical environment for unforgeable experiences!

Why choose TUCN?





Whether you’re a high achiever or you have modest results, you will benefit from scholarships which will help you to manage your financial needs.


We know how important it is to put into practice what you learn! Even from the beginning, you will have the opportunity to interact with representatives of important companies in the field, who will help and counsel you to choose your career!

You will have access to job fairs and internships we organise!

The partnerships with the entrepreneurial environment are not just about training the highly-qualified human resource, but are extended to the knowledge and technology transfer through the endowment of the university laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment, where theory and practise go hand in hand!


Counselling and career guidance

In addition to courses, seminaries and laboratory hours you benefit from counselling and information provided by the teaching professionals.

Our team of counsellors and psychologists will offer you professional guidance and will help you get over difficult moments.

You can participate in workshops and seminars on various topics of interest.



9 faculties in Cluj-Napoca 
3 faculties in the Northen University Center Baia Mare
4 extensions in Alba-Iulia, Satu Mare, Zalău and Bistrița

Engineering - Faculty of
and Urban Planning

Engineering - Faculty of
and Computer Science

Faculty of Automotive, Mechatronics and Mechanical Engineering

Engineering - Faculty of
Civil Engineering

The Faculty of Machine Building

Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology

Faculty of Building Services Engineering

Engineering - Faculty of
and Environmental Engineering

of Electrical Engineering

Faculty of Engineering

Faculty of Sciences

You ask, we answer

This is the pre-registration stage. Access the platform at the address, from any desktop device, laptop, tablet, mobile phone, with internet access, and create and user account. Fill in the required fileds, upload scanned/photographed documents, select the commission and study programs you want to enroll in (more options, more chances!). Now go get started preparing the admission folder and get acquainted with the platform.

NO! Registration for the 2020 admission, regardless of the undergraduate / master's schooling cycle, is done exclusively online by accessing the admission platform at

NO! The account created during the pre-registration period is valid for the entire registration period, for all July / September sessions.

For Admission to UTCN the registration is made on a committee. A committee can contain several faculties. With a single fee you can opt for all fields of study (budget / fee) from all the faculties included in the respective committee. (more options, more chances!)

Check the fields of study offered by the 12 faculties of UTCN and choose the ones that best respond to your skills, passions and desires. It is important to put the options in order of your preferences: the first option is the one you most want to be admitted to. For advice, you can call the phone numbers displayed on the admission website of each faculty or write us an e-mail and we will help you.

NO! Only one folder can be submitted to a commission. BUT, you can make another folder for another committee, depending on your preferences. (more options, more chances!)

YES! As many times as you want, until the moment when you complete your folder. It would be good to put enough options so that you have the chance to become a TUCN student.

NO! You will use the same account for every folder you create.

To know exactly how your admission average is calculated according to the chosen field, check 2nd annex of the Admission Regulations.

All you have to do is tick in the registration file and the rest we take care of.

You need to tick this in the application file and to upload another documents recommendation from a legally constituted RRoma organization, regardless of its field of activity, in which it is mentioned that you are part of the Roma ethnic group.

You need to tick this in the application file and to upload to other documents page, the proving diplomas. The faculty level admission commission will analyze the documents and if you meet the non-competitive admission criteria of the faculty then you will receive a confirmation in your account and you will have an average of 10 upon admission.

You will pay a fee for organizing and conducting the contest valid for all 2020 admission sessions. The amount of the registration fee is 150 lei, of which: 50 lei - UTCN admission fee, 100 lei - folder processing fee.  If you register within UTCN for two or more admission commissions, for the second and subsequent commissions you will pay only the file processing fee in the amount of 100 lei.

You benefit from free admission when enrolling for admission, regardless of the number of commissions you enroll in, if you fall into one of the following categories, only if you upload supporting documents:

  • Children of teaching staff, auxiliary teaching staff in activity or retired from the education system;
  • Candidates orphaned by one or both parents who have worked in the education system;
  • Candidates orphaned by both parents;
  • Candidates from foster homes or family placements;
  • Employees of the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, as well as their children;
  • Romanian candidates from all over the world who apply for the positions allocated to the Romanian state scholarship holders (with and without a scholarship), if the methodology or specific information of the Ministry of Resort indicates this aspect.

You are exempt the payment of the admission fee (50 lei) if you are an orphan of a parent, only if you upload the death certificate to the payment section of the platform.

YES, the payment will be associated with the candidate account. If you do not pay online, directly from the admission platform, then you can pay the OP in the account: UNIVERSITATEA TEHNICĂ CLUJ – NAPOCA, BANK: TREZORERIA CLUJ, COD FISCAL: 4288306, CONT RO35TREZ21620F330500XXXX

Do not forget to mention the full name of the candidate for whom the payment was made and then you must upload proof of payment on the platform to complete the file.

By paying the registration fee, it is considered that you have been informed, understood and accepted that the payments made to register for the TUCN admission session are nonrefundable.

Verify with attention the calendar of admission and, if you have been admitted, regardless of the form of funding (budget / fee) you will need to confirm from the candidate account, by paying a 200 lei (direct din platformă sau prin OP  – caz în care va trebui să încarci dovada plății). Taxa  de confirmare se plătește o singură dată/comisie. Sunt scutiți de taxa de confirmare candidații ROMÂNI DE PRETUTINDENI.

YES! Given that you were admitted to 2 faculties from different commissions, according to the regulations. You can benefit from funding from the state budget only for one of the programs if you have not benefited from a budgeted place until now.

You will be considered accepted in TUCN at the end of the admission session only if you submit online according to the timetable in Annex 1, The study contract completed and signed, with the obligation to submit the original until the beginning of the academic year at the faculty where he was admitted.

If you have been admitted to the budget - you must submit to the secretariat of the faculty where you were admitted, until August 28, baccalaureate diploma and original medical certificate, 3 pictures ¾, and bring with you the rest of the original documents submitted online for verification of compliance.

If you have been admitted to tax - you must come to the secretariat of the faculty where you were admitted, until August 28, with the documents submitted to the platform in the original, to check the conformity with the original and to bring 3 pictures ¾.